Trust Me I Do This All the Time
Rob Fahey - 2007

Rob’s highly anticipated latest album is magic from the start. This album showcases Rob's powerful voice and excellent song writing skills. A must buy for anyone looking for a solid CD from beginning to end.

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Play: October Changes
Play: Dragon
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Track Listing:
1. Dragon
2. Lucky
3. October Changes
4. Houston
5. Waiting To Live
6. Only a Man
7. Die For You
8. Ghost Stories
9. Always You
10. Ashes

Breaking and Entering
Rob Fahey & The Pieces - 1992

A rock-rich album not to be missed and meant to be played loud. Rob Fahey & The Pieces come through with more instant classics on this timeless, bold release.

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Play: Dancing Out Of Time
Play: Hangin' on by a Thread
Play: Samples of the entire album

Track Listing:
1. Dancing Out Of Time
2. Angel In Red
3. Hangin' on by a Thread
4. Surrender Your Love
5. A Lot to Learn
6. Long Time
7. Beverly
8. Fair Warning
9. Turn Your Back
10. Running from a Dream

Ravyns - 1984

The Ravyns are best known for their 1982 hit, Raised on the Radio, which was featured in the Universal film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The song was the second single released from the soundtrack of that film, receiving great critical acclaim in Billboard and instantaneous rock radio placement nationwide and abroad.

With the success of Raised.. came a full length album deal with MCA. The Ravyns was released in 1984, and once again lauded by critics on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Play: Raised on The Radio
Play: Don't Leave Me This Way
Play: Samples of the entire album

Track Listing:
1. Don't Leave Me This Way
2. Rhythm of the Heart
3. Cool Boy
4. Lose You
5. Raised on the Radio
6. Ready For Romance
7. No Regular Woman
8. Second Hand
9. Physical Attraction
10. Wraparound
11. Give Me OneChance
12. Love Or Suicide

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